Climate Change, Energy and Environment

  • Photo: Nguyen Hoang Ngan

Vietnam is not only one of the countries hardest hit by climate change worldwide, it also suffers from devastating environmental pollution due to its rapid industrialization. This has had a significant negative impact both on the people of Vietnam and its rich ecosystems. FES Vietnam helps to strengthen numerous stakeholders who seek to foster a socio-ecological transformation leading to an ecologically sustainable and socially just development through policy dialogue and capacity building.

Although public interest in climate change, energy, and environmental problems in Vietnam has increased, there is still a pressing need to improve and increase awareness and knowledge within its population. This will assist in fostering behavioral change and achieving increased environmental sustainability. Therefore, FES Vietnam supports the work of important multipliers, ranging from youth networks to journalists and trade unions.

FES Vietnam promotes political efforts to embrace more sustainable development pathways both in Vietnam and in the region and also serves as a regional hub for the work of FES in the field of climate change, energy, and the environment in Asia. 

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