Political Dialogue and Social Reforms

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The work of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in Germany and worldwide is based on the values of freedom, social justice and solidarity. In light of these values FES is supporting the economic, social and political reform process known as Đổi mới, which was initiated by the Vietnamese Government in 1986.

Through political dialogue the FES creates opportunities for discussions on political, social and economic developments in Germany, Vietnam, Europe and Asia. The issues covered are wide ranging. They include discussions on models of social and socialist market economies, as well as the strengths and challenges of social democratic and socialist forms of governance. Furthermore, the role of political parties, mass media, parliament and civil society are prominent themes of seminars and workshops. Through these forums, experts from political, practical and academic backgrounds share their experiences and thus contribute to Vietnam’s reform efforts.

The ongoing process of regional and international integration Global environmental problems and labor migrants do not stop at national borders. Together with urbanization and population growth these trends lead to rapid social and cultural change. In this process, Vietnam currently seeks to find the right balance between global integration and retaining its own political, social and cultural identity. 

In order to shape a socially just integration, FES aims to be an important and reliable resource for its local partners and to foster regional partnerships.

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